Tips for Choosing a Handyman

Look under H for Home Repair. How many handymen do you find? Plenty! For many homeowners, it’s a guessing game to see which handyman will do the best home repair or remodeling job and who will give a fair price. Advantage Handyman Services, a home repair, remodeling and handyman services company, offers six tips to selecting the right handyman for your home repair or home remodeling job.

  1. Check repair coverage first. If your home repairs are damages paid through insurance, review your coverage with your insurance company first. It will save you time and money before signing on the handyman’s dotted line.
  2. Obtain three estimates or bids. Investing the time to obtain extra bids will bring potential savings and peace of mind. When comparing estimates, look for how much detail each company proposes for the work. Also, note that prices may vary depending on quality of supplies and tools they’ll use. Above all, follow your instincts and beware of unusually low estimates.
  3. Call the handyman’s local references. As the boss, the homeowner can see how the handyman fared with previous customers. Ask for references and see if they were satisfied with the completed work, the level of service, and timeliness of the job. Be sure to ask about change orders: Were there any changes required with the work, and did the handyman willingly make the corrections?
  4. Make sure the handyman has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask any lawyer: If an uninsured worker injures him or herself on your property, then you’re liable to pay for medical expenses. Make sure they have their papers in order. Otherwise, your homeowner’s insurance policy may become your handyman’s liability coverage.
  5. Get it in writing. Put together a written estimate detailing all the repairs. Include the quality, quantity, weight, color, size and name brands you expect to see. Be sure this estimate is signed by both parties before the work gets started. And, make sure the handyman approaches you with any future changes to the original estimate. When this happens, put changes in writing and have both you and the handyman sign the revised estimate. Lastly, list all details concerning the storage of materials and debris as well as their cleanup, removal or reuse.
  6. Ask for the right to cancel. Homeowners should receive written notice of their right to cancel within three days of signing the estimate. If you do cancel, send it in writing by telegram or registered mail, or hand-deliver the written cancellation. Afterward, phone the handyman for confirmation of receipt. You still have the option of signing a revised estimate with the same handyman.

Tips for Choosing a Handyman

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