We were looking at getting our basement finished and also adding a screen porch.  What got me to call Sean was the fact he does volunteer hours for veterans and for older folks, and for me, being a veteran, that was important.

Moe Lesko


I actually hired Advantage Handyman to do all three of my bathrooms.  I hired them because they were turn key and they could handle the enitre job.  They gutted all three of my bathrooms and rebuilt them from the ground up using my design choices.



Wow, it looks to me like a brand new deck and its is more then 20 years old."

Rita Keiffer


I was very impressed not only with work but the workers who were courteous, knowledgeable and willing to do the extra things to get the job done. The owner himself came out several times to check on the progress of the job and to make sure I was satisfied. This is a company it was a pleasure doing business with.

Maria G. (YellowPages.com)


I had Advantage Handyman come visit to work on two of my bathrooms upstairs, they did such a great job, I had them come do my basement.  First, we decided to hide the plumbing pipes by building out some benches along the windows.

Mark Lefkin


Their design ideas were right on what we wanted....We have had a so much done...they have painted the outside of our house, they remodeled our kitchen...if I had anything else that needed to be done I would definitely call Advantage.

Linda Faust


I had so many complements on our sunroom, when it came time to remodeling our kitchen, I knew who to call....the project was very overwelming...then Sean told me that he had a designer that can help me with the process.  It made it so much easier and we love our new kitchen.



My neighbor did a similar remodel and I liked what they did for him...I am a real perfectionist so it was nice to work with the skilled craftman at Advantage.

Paul Derstine


My husband and I wanted to remodel our master bathroom...we wanted a walk in shower...Sean came out and gave me an estimate and when he saw our bathroom, he told us we could not do a wall to wall shower the way we wanted it so he recommended slanting it in at the window end...it was better than we envisioned.



We first worked with Advantage on a set of bookselves in my mothers house.  And we were so glad...since then we have hired Advantage several times.  One of the bigger projects was to remodel our attic and that was a tricky job because the roof pitch was so steep...they did an amazing job.

Grace Klinowski


Sean, the owner, came out to talk to us about how we can take advantage of the space. We were so impressed that the owner of the company would take so much time and provide us with the guidance to help design our space.

Allison O'Sullivan


We got recommendations from neighbors and all the recommendations came back to Advantage...Sean, had much better ideas of how to really take advantage of the view we had...they finished on time...we knew how much we were spending all the way through.  Definitely recommend Advantage.

Peggy Gaul