Add a New Bathroom


Adding a bathroom is not as hard as you think; all we need is a bathroom in the general area above, beside or below. We just took an oversized dining room and sitting area and ran a 1/2 bathroom off a backwall using only a 3' by 7' area. We have put bathrooms in attics allowing a great guest suite in space no body takes advantage of.

I actually hired Advantage Handyman to do all three of my bathrooms.  I hired them because they were turn key and they could handle the enitre job.  They gutted all three of my bathrooms and rebuilt them from the ground up using my design choices.


I was very impressed not only with work but the workers who were courteous, knowledgeable and willing to do the extra things to get the job done. The owner himself came out several times to check on the progress of the job and to make sure I was satisfied. This is a company it was a pleasure doing business with.

Maria G. (

I had Advantage Handyman come visit to work on two of my bathrooms upstairs, they did such a great job, I had them come do my basement.  First, we decided to hide the plumbing pipes by building out some benches along the windows.

Mark Lefkin